The Great Gatsby- F.Scott Fitzgerald

I know it is risky to write about The Great Gatsby. But I liked the novel very much and want to write about in English, the language it has been written.

I think that F. Scott Fitzgerald was  motivated when he wrote the novel. He found the rigtht characters and discouvered intelligent ways to link their lives. The narrator is smart and tells the story of Gatsby without leaving his own point of view apart. We get acquainted with his feelings about the relationship between Gatsby and Daisy and we know that, although he wants them to be together, he knows that their love is true, but almost impossible. The relationship between Daisy and her husband is real and able to survive. He saves her from being accused of a very bad act and she accepts his lie. It is better to stay with someone who  keeps you safe than with someone you love. What is love, anyway?

The narrator is a romantic man. And the great Gatsby is the man who believed in the green ligth, in the future that escapes. No problem: “to-morrow we will run faster, stretch out our arms farther…”

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